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The Reid’s family

Celebrating life’s moments since 1971

A short history

In 1971, Tom and Kathy Drew-Smith took over ownership of Reid’s from Hugh and Isabelle Reid. Shortly after, they began to experiment and expand the assorted chocolates section, adding peanut brittle, fudge and Turkish delight. They roasted nuts right on the premises. By 1981, they moved the store to 42 Ainslie Street North, across from the Galt Farmer’s market; where it remains today.

The young entrepreneurial couple sampled the confections of the world, and continued to experiment, refine the recipes and expand their selection.

In 2002, Tom and Kathy's son Ted took over as 'mad chocolatier' and continues the family tradition of classic sweet and salty treats. Their daughter Carrie joined Reid's in 2009, following Kathy's footsteps by adding her creative touch to the store and packaging.

Tom and Kathy, Ted and Carrie are the current generations maintaining stewardship to the boutique chocolate, nut and candy factory.


Without you, where would we be? Ted and Carrie are currently exploring ways to give back to the countless parents, children and grandparents whom have helped make their business a landmark in the Cambridge community. Thank-you for your ongoing support.